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Logos & Branding

As Valley View Spartans we are an educational community committed to fostering lifelong learning. Our brand represents our past, our present and our future.Please use the logos below to represent Valley View. Consistency, especially in our Spartan, will help everyone know our school, our organizations and our teams. Logos should be used as-is. Editing the files, changing the colors or font is not permitted.

To use one of these files, click on the file type you need then "right click" to save the image.

Spartan Head, Two Color - when using the Spartan head alone, this is the preferred version
Spartan Head Two Color JPG
Spartan Head Two Color PNG
Spartan Head Two Color PDF



Spartan Head, One Color
Spartan Head One Color JPG
Spartan Head One Color PNG
Spartan Head One Color PDF



Spartan Head, One-Color, Reverse
Spartan Head One Color Reverse JPG
Spartan Head One Color Reverse PNG


Administrative Logo - for use by the Superintendent
and Central Office only. This logo includes stars that 
represent our heritage of Germantown Cardinals (red) and
Farmersville Wildcats (purple.)
Administrative Logo JPG
Administrative Logo PNG
Administrative Logo PDF



The logo font is Work Sans. It is a Google font and is also available in the Adobe Creative Suite.