Remote Week - All Students
Starts 11/30/2020 Ends 12/4/2020
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To the Valley View community,

Thank you for your continued patience in what continually is referred to as an “unprecedented” year.

Only two weeks ago, we were seeing pretty manageable numbers of COVID in our schools.  However, last week and again this week, we are seeing more and more cases in the school.  This results in more people having to quarantine, and more disruption to the educational process.  We have been struggling to maintain adequate staffing this week.  However, I am proud of the resilience of our staff and students to adjust.

From the onset, we have said that we will follow the local numbers and data, while maintaining that our goal is to keep kids in school.  We are proud of the remote option we are offering to parents, but we ultimately believe that the best option for most students is in-person education.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there are two factors that have the ability to substantially affect our numbers:

  1. College students returning home this weekend.  Most of these students will remain at home throughout the holiday season.
  2. Family gatherings for Thanksgiving.

These two factors could have a substantial impact on the health and well-being for all of our students and staff.  Therefore, Valley View will be remote the week of November 30th.  It is our intent to return to our current model of in-person instruction beginning December 8th.  My sincere hope is that by providing more time for symptoms to develop in people due to the above factors, we can drastically limit the exposure to our students and staff to allow in-person instruction to resume safely.  

Primary and Intermediate students will follow the model of what they do each Monday.

The Junior High and High School will communicate to you in the coming days exactly how the remote days will function.  

I know this announcement will come with mixed reactions.  I sincerely appreciate everyone who has written to me to share their stories of successes, frustrations, and suggestions.  It is impossible to develop an approach that satisfies everyone, but I believe that this approach focuses on the educational and social/emotional needs of our students while also protecting the health and safety of our staff and students.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful to live and work in such a wonderful community surrounded by educators who care about students, parents who support the value of education, and students determined to positively shape their future.

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards