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Portrait of a Graduate

Valley View Local Schools leads the way in making 21st century education a reality for all students 

Valley View Local Schools announced today the release of their Portrait of a Graduate, a collective vision that articulates the community’s aspirations for all of its students. Valley View recruited a group of community members—students, teachers, parents, families, and business leaders—to join their Portrait Design Team that worked to co-design a Portrait of a Graduate that is locally developed, but globally positioned.  

The community came together to ask: what are the hopes, aspirations, and dreams that our community has for our children? 

Now that Valley View has a Portrait of a Graduate, the district will use this aspirational vision as a North Star to guide its strategic planning process. Valley View will continue to engage with community members to make their Portrait of a Graduate come to life in classrooms.  

The district is asking for community feedback to inform the revision of its current strategic plan. The survey will be open from 8/14-9/29. 


Community members may also complete the survey in any school office during school hours.

Feel free to download our Portrait of a Graduate as a PDF



Portrait of a Graduate, page 1

valley view local schools portrait of a graduate competencies

Portrait of a Graduate, page 2

VALLEY VIEW LOCAL SCHOOLS Portrait of a Graduate Competencies Detail