Valley View Spartans Class of 2021

Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Foster Kids

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After reading the book "Crenshaw" about a homeless boy and a cat, fourth grade students wanted to help kids who are in need of bags and suitcases for their clothes and toys. 

lemonade stand"After doing some research they found out that many times the belongings of kids entering the foster care system are placed in trash bags. This weighed heavy on them so they decided to make a lemonade stand and sell lemonade to raise money to buy a duffle bag filled with things the children might need," said fourth grade language arts teacher Beth Phares.

The students set a goal of raising $100.00 and sold lemonade to their classmates for one week in the cafeteria for 50 cents per cup. At the end of the week the kids had raised $773.48 for Comfort Cases, an organization that gives out duffle bags to kids entering the foster care system. 



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