UPDATED: Traditional School Schedule - Starting Feb. 1


Updated Jan. 13

Starting February 1, Valley View will be returning to its traditional school schedule. This includes original bell times at each school and in-person education five days a week. We are announcing this early to allow families time to plan.

We want to clear up any confusion about the rest of this month, since we did make a change. Students will be off on Monday, January 18 for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Tuesday, Jan. 19 will be remote learning for all (like Mondays have been). Students will return to in-person classrooms on Wednesday, Jan. 20. Monday, Jan. 25 will be the last remote school day before we go back to our traditional schedule on Feb. 1.

Some students haven't had "traditional" bell times, so we want to ensure parents know when classes will begin in February. Here are the schedules for each school:
Primary/Intermediate - 9:15am-3:43pm
Junior High - 7:28am-2:25pm
High School - 7:40am - 2:38pm
Pre-school parents will receive an update on Friday 1/15.

What has changed:
- Limited contact tracing and quarantines. Following a decision by the Governor's Office, the Montgomery County Health Department has said that contact tracing does NOT need to be done provided all parties were wearing a mask (bus and school). This does not apply to students who are exposed while not wearing a mask while participating in sports.
- Schools are not spreading COVID. A study by the Governor's Office and the Ohio Department of Health shows that schools are NOT super-spreaders. In fact, there have been very few instances (statewide) of students getting COVID in the classroom setting.  
- The vaccine is coming. According to the Governor's office, K-12 staff will be eligible for the vaccine beginning Feb. 1. We do not have a date yet for our staff but will be coordinating with health officials to get them ASAP.

Parents should note:
- Starting Feb. 1, Valley View will not be offering a remote learning option.
- Students who are out with COVID, quarantine or other illness will receive work from teachers, as students who are absent have in the past. Teacher playlists will continue as a resource for students. Remote tutors will continue to be available for these students.
- Some families may feel that remote learning is right for them and their students. There are virtual school options for people who want to pursue fully online education.

Virtual Learning. We have just learned that we can offer virtual learning to Valley View students through a new program at the Montgomery County Educational Service Center. This Remote Learning program will allow students to stay enrolled at Valley View and the education will be provided by a set of local teachers. NOTE: These would not be Valley View teachers and our remote students would not be part of Valley View classes, but students would still be Valley View students and able to participate in all Valley View functions.
If you are interested in this option, please use the form sent in ParentSquare to let the school know by Jan. 20.

The social emotional well-being and educational options for our students are our focus. We believe that face-to-face instruction is the bedrock of K-12 education and we are eager to return to that model as the best approach for our students.

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