Lunch Menus

Last Updated: 10/12/2020 4:48 PM

Menu – Nov. 17-20



High School Menu

Junior High Menu

Primary/Intermediate Menu


Weekly Breakfast/Lunch Distribution

Mondays, 11am-1pm

  • High School (back of building)
  • Junior High gym lobby
  • Intermediate School, right next to the pre-school.


Families will receive a half gallon of white milk and half gallon of chocolate milk per student and breakfast and lunch foods. The food box will include kid-friendly options of proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables. Offerings will vary each week but will cover the food groups as designated by the USDA.


This program is fully funded by the USDA and is not dependent on family income. All student families are encouraged to participate to ensure the great food does not go to waste.


The program may change if students return to a 5-day in-person schedule. Parents will be updated via ParentSquare to any changes.