Last Updated: 1/25/2021 9:54 PM

Immunization Requirements for ALL Valley View students: 
Ohio Law requires that students have certain vaccines in order to attend school. The law also requires that parents give an immunization record to the nurse no later than 14 days from the first day of school.  Students who do not have the required immunizations, or have not turned in an immunization record may not be allowed to attend school.  If your child’s immunization are not complete, but you are in process of completing the requirements, your child may remain in school with authorization from the nurse. 

The following documents will be accepted as evidence of a student’s immunization history:  an official school record from a previous school, a record from a public health department or a record signed or stamped by a licensed prescriber/medical office.  All records must list the month/day/year of each immunization.  Click here for the Ohio Immunization Summary.

* All vaccines are to be given based on the guidelines set by Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (Recommended Schedule or Catch up Schedule for those who are more than 1 month behind).  Schedules are available for print or download at the CDC website.           
Parents have the right to opt their child out of the required immunizations for religious, philosophical or medical reasons, but parents must provide a signed immunization waiver to the nurse. Please note that if there is an “outbreak” of a disease your child is not immunized against, he/she may not be allowed to return to school for the duration of the disease outbreak.