Valley View Spartans Class of 2021

2020-21 School Year Information

Last Updated: 5/4/2021 10:59 PM

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year

We are #SpartanStrong

Resources for parents and students:


Daily Schedules



T/Th  (3-year-olds & early 4-year-olds) 7:50-12:20
W/F (late 4-year-olds & 5-year-olds) 7:50-12:20 

Bell times

9:15am for Primary/Intermediate
7:28am for Junior High
7:40 for High School

High School Bell Schedule

Junior High Bell Schedule


COVID-19 Tracker

Weekly tracker of new cases within Valley View Schools.

COVID tracker image


If Valley View is notified that there has been a positive case of COVID-19 reported in a student or staff member,  we will work closely with Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County to ensure the proper steps are being taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 within our school population.
As part of our steps to reduce the spread, we will:
• ensure the individual with COVID-19 is isolated at home
• begin enhanced cleaning procedures
• cooperate with Public Health’s contact tracing process.

NOTE: If you or your child has been identified as a close contact of anyone who is positive for COVID-19 you will be provided further guidance from the Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County case investigator regarding self-quarantine.



Tools for Blended Learning

Tools for Blended learning


Resources for parents to help their students. Access new tools, tips for remote learning and learn about teacher landing pages and other information students need to start the year at Valley View.



Weekly Breakfast/Lunch Distribution - Updated starting Feb. 5

Fridays, 8:30-10am

High School (back of building) ONLY

Families will receive a half gallon of white milk and half gallon of chocolate milk and breakfast and lunch foods. The food box will include kid-friendly options of proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables. Offerings will vary each week but will cover the food groups as designated by the USDA.

This program is fully funded by the USDA and is not dependent on family income. All student families are encouraged to participate to ensure the great food does not go to waste.

Parents will be updated via ParentSquare to any changes.