Bell Schedule

Last Updated: 1/29/2021 11:07 PM

As previously communicated, Valley View Local Schools will return to a full-time 5 day per week schedule.

Please note that every Monday (also, Tues. Feb. 16) in February and March will be a two-hour delay (buses are included in the two hour delay)

Each Tuesday through Friday will be a normal full-time schedule.

Please find below BOTH the Junior High School's 2-hour delay schedule (to be used on Mondays in February and March or if the Superintendent would call for a weather delay), and the Normal Bell Schedule (to be used Tuesdays through Fridays).

Normal Schedule (each week Tuesday through Friday)
If you are dropping your child off at school Tuesday through Friday, 7:10am would be the earliest time to do so.

7:23 Warning Bell
7:28-8:21 First Period (53 min)
8:24-9:16 Second Period (52 min)
9:19-10:11 Third Period (52 min)
10:14-11:06 Fourth Period (52 min)
11:09-12:34 (includes lunch) Fifth Period
  Lunch A 11:09-11:39   Class 11:42-12:34 (52 min)
  Lunch B 12:04-12:34  Class 11:09-12:01 (52 min)
12:37-1:29 Sixth Period (52 min)
1:32-2:25 Seventh Period (53 min)

Two-Hour Delay Schedule (each Monday or for weather delays)

9:23 Warning Bell
9:28-10:04 First Period (36 min)
10:07-10:42 Second Period (35 min)
10:45-11:20 Third Period (35 min)
11:23-12:31 (includes lunch) Fifth Period
  Lunch A (11:23-11:53)   Class 11:56-12:31 (35 min)
  Lunch B (12:01-12:31)   Class 11:23-11:58 (35 min)
12:34-1:09 Fourth Period
1:12-1:47 Sixth Period
1:50-2:25 Seventh Period

If you are dropping your child off at school on Mondays, 9:10am would be the earliest time to do so.