Buildings Update

Last Updated: 2/17/2021 6:56 PM

Updated 2/17/21

District Secures State Building Funding, Completes Acquisition of Weaver Property

After facing some uncertainty due to the pandemic's strain on the state budget, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) has confirmed that we will be receiving our share of funds for the building project voters approved during the primary election.

Weaver Land Acquisition
A key aspect of our plan has been a land swap with the Weaver family to secure land adjacent to the current high school. That acquisition was finalized Jan. 22, 2021 with signatures by the school treasurer and Board of Education president. 

Phillips Land Purchase
Previously, the school had also announced the acquisition of the Phillips property, which includes the house next to the high school. This purchase provides more road frontage on Farmersville-Germantown Pike to access the Weaver property and a house that will be used first as a construction headquarters and later for student occupational training.

Opportunity to Build K-12 
The building plan approved originally called for grades 6-8 to be housed in the current high school, which was a way to acknowledge the community's request to keep the building.

The Board of Education has green-lighted a plan to use funds from the bond issue in Locally Funded Initiatives to help build a full K-12 facility. See the results of the community survey conducted prior to the Board meeting.

Uses for Current High School
Planned uses for the current high school would include pre-school for all, eliminating wait lists; the central office; a community area and a health facility in partnership with a major local health care provider. The existing high school gym would be available for community use, along with potential upgrades to support performing arts.

Valley View is working with design firm Fanning and Howey on a timeline for construction and will be meeting with the OFCC to hire a construction firm.

See the image below for a view of the Weaver land, Phillips property and planned location for our K-12 school. Buildings and parking areas are approximate and not shown as they will be built.

aerial view


Tentative and subject to change due to weather and other factors.

  • Planning & Design - 2021
  • Break ground - Spring 2022
  • Building completion - Spring 2024
  • First classes - Fall 2024