The Valley View Finance Department is dedicated to ensuring the best, most cost-effective use of taxpayer dollars to the benefit of our students. Our priority is to ensure our classrooms have the funding to provide students with a world-class education that adds value to our community as a whole.

Smart Budgeting

Every year, we work closely with the Superintendent, the Board of Education, and principals to create a budget that anticipates classroom needs and reflects community expectations. Throughout the year, we follow strict budgetary practices to balance spending with available resources. We stretch every dollar to the fullest through smart investing and conservative spending.

Funding for the Future

We believe our schools should be able to offer students far more than the baseline set by state standards. We are working with our teachers, principals, the Board of Education, and the district’s Finance Committee to establish funding that will prepare our students for the future of their choice, be it college, career, or military. Among the goals: maintain a sustainable financial plan, align technology for the future, and create more opportunities that expose students to real-world experiences.

Transparent Operations

We are also advocates for transparency. The district’s Finance Committee, composed of community members, regularly reviews the state of the district’s finances. We have also included in this section our five-year forecast and the monthly financial reports that are shared with the Board of Education.

These are your schools. We welcome every opportunity to talk with you about how they are funded. If you have any questions about the district’s finances, please call us at (937) 855-6581 or email Or check out the Treasurer FAQ page.