Same Spartan Pride, New Look

spartan vertical


We are proud to be launching a new consistent look for our Spartan and great new logos to show our Valley View pride.  See our new logos page for downloadable files for our horizontal, vertical and one-color logos. 

horizontal spartan

Logo Q&A

Why did we get a new logo?
We really haven't had a consistently used logo for a long time, and we wanted to have a great look to use in our new facilities. Check out this presentation given to the Board of Education. 

What about all of our existing spirit wear?
Keep showing your Spartan pride! And consider replacing worn out items with new logo wear as you can. We kept our Spartan very similar to existing ones, so they will blend in during this transition.

Does our team need to replace our warm-ups, signs, etc.
No. We want this to be a forward-looking process, so plan to use our new logo as you replace items.

Will we be replacing signs and items in the schools?
No. We launched this logo with an eye toward our new facilities. We will definitely be incorporating this look throughout our new schools.

My group isn't officially under control of the school, so you can't make me use this logo.
True. But we hope you will at least use the consistent Spartan as you order new items.

How do I use these logos?
If you are working with a vendor, just send them to this page. If you want it for your own use, or to upload to a vendor then "right click" to open the files and save them.

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