Valley View will compete against Brookville the week of Oct. 22

The Goodwill truck will be parked out front of the VVHS starting Monday (OCT. 22).   Hours for the Goodwill truck are:  Monday 12 – 7 p.m.,  Tues  Wed and Thur. – 8am-7pm and Friday 8am-12 noon.  Anyone wanting to donate a car needs to call 228-AUTO.  Below are instructions as to how you can help.  

 Here’s how you can help your school win: 

  • During the week, Goodwill attendants will accept your donations of clothing, household items and computers that you dropped off at your school’s donation trailer.
  • Receipts for your tax deductible donation will be available.

Drive to Victory tips: 

  • Computers and book donations are a great way to add weight to your schools total.
  • You can also help your school weight total by donating your old vehicle during the Drive to Victory contest. Just call 228-AUTO to donate or find out more details on how donation will add 1,000 pounds to your school.
  • On Friday, the trailers will be picked up and weighed. The Marching Band that has collected the most weight will be announced on Friday night during Touchdown 7 and will receive a $200 scholarship from Arby’s.
  • Since 2007, the Goodwill Stores Drive to Victory campaign has generated more than one million pounds of clothing and household items along with more than 75 vehicles from around the Miami Valley. These items are sold in stores and at the auto auction, with proceeds supporting the mission of helping people with disabilities and other disadvantages here in the community.
  • Help your school win by making your donation today!