Below you will find a link to the Valley View Superintendent Search Profile Report, as well as remarks from Dr. Leone.  Dr. Leone is with K-12 Business Consulting which is the firm Valley View hired to conduct this survey.  Thank you again for all who participated in the form of a survey or focus group. 

This report represents the common themes K-12 Business Consulting compiled from 89 survey respondents and 65 staff members, citizens, and high school students who attended one of the seven focus group sessions on January 23rd, 2018.  On pages 2-7, the common themes are summarized separately by sub-groups (Board members, administrators, teachers and support staff members, parents, community members, and high school students), and overall consistent themes for all of the sub-groups combined.

On page 8, you will see the top 10 desired characteristics of the new superintendent for each sub-group, then you will see on page 9 a summary for of the sub-groups combined pertaining to the the five most important desired characteristics of the new superintendent and the five least important desired characteristics of the new superintendent.  On page 10, you will see conclusions offered by K-12 pertaining to what we have learned.

While it is normal for sub-groups to have similar opinions on the topics at hand, it is also normal for such profile reports to reveal differences of opinion.  The profile contains what people told K-12 on multiple occasions, and may offer common themes that will be a surprise to the board.  

Superintendent Search Profile 


View Local School District Superintendent Search Timeline


Search Organizational Meeting – January 8, 2018


Formal Posting of Position – January 12, 2018


Recruiting Period Begins – January 22, 2018


Superintendent Search Profile Meetings & Community Forum – January 23, 2018


Release of Superintendent Search Profile Report – February 13, 2018


Application Deadline – February 20, 2018


First Round Interviews – February 26 and 28, 2018

Finalist Interviews – March 6, 2018


Hire Date for New Superintendent – March 12, 2018


State Date for New Superintendent – August 1, 2018 (or before, to be determined)