Valley View schools will be closed today, Wednesday February 7th due to weather related conditions.  

For those buildings using E-Day Assignments, E-Day lesson #2 due date will be Friday, February 23rd.  (this is taking into consideration that there will be no school for students on Friday, February 16th and Monday February 18th).   For those students who do not have internet access to obtain E-Day lessons, they may obtain a copy from their teacher when they return to school.  Assignment due date will still remain 2/23rd.  Also, if students cannot print the lessons, they may simply use a plain piece of paper to record their answers.  When turning in their assignment please remember to include their name, teachers name, and assignment title on their paper.  Some Teachers handed out the assignments yesterday.  Please discuss the E-day assignments with your student.

The E-Day assignments can be found on the Intermediate or Primary building sites, under the Resources tab.