Junior High Award Winners - Troy Hypes, Riley Hodson, Emma Byerly, & Ella Combs

Troy Hypes, Riley Hodson, Emma Byerly, & Ella Combs

Last week in the Junior High awards passed out to the winners of the Archie Griffin Sportsman Award, The Rosemary Benton Award, the James Heaton Scholarship and the Katherine Klipfer Art Scholarship. Those students are:

Troy Hypes, Archie Griffin sportsman award and Rosemary Benton
Riley Hodson, James Heaton Scholarship Winner Emma Byerly, Archie Griffin sportsman award
Ella Combs, Catherine Klipfer Art Scholarship Winner

Congratulations, Spartans on all of your hard work!

Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award

As part of an ongoing program to promote Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity, the Ohio High School Athletic Association is continuing the program to recognize students who display exemplary sportsmanship. The award is named for Archie Griffin. Mr. Griffin is an Ohio native, the only two-time recipient of the Heisman Trophy for the most outstanding college football player in the nation, and a professional athlete who always displayed exemplary sportsmanship. He is currently CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Mr. Griffin has been active in promoting sportsmanship, ethics and integrity for many years. He was honored in 1998 as the recipient of the prestigious OHSAA Ethics and Integrity Award.

The Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award is presented to a male and female student from every school within the state of Ohio. The two students chosen from Valley View Junior High School are excellent representatives of this award. These 2 individuals were selected by their coaches.

Our 2 recipients are individuals who have been excellent role models for students to follow on the playing surface and in the classroom. They have been members of 4 athletic programs during their tenure at Valley View Junior High School, as well as playing a vital role in the success of their respective teams. When you think of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity these two individuals come to mind immediately.

The recipients of the Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award for the 2018 – 19 school year are Emma Byerly and Troy Hypes.

Catherine Klipfer-Art Award-2019

The Catherine Klipfer Art Award is one of the biggest honors given at Valley View Junior High School. Every 7th and 8th grade student is eligible to be selected as the winner of the award. This year’s winner will receive $25.00 and his/her work will be permanently displayed at Valley View Junior High School.

Mrs. Klipfer was a dedicated teacher for 25 years at Valley View Junior High School before her death in 1989. Because Mrs. Klipfer loved art so much, this award is given each year in her memory.

Thirteen students submitted work to be the selected for the Catherine Klipfer Award. The top 3 artists with outstanding votes were Charlotte Sears, Ella Combs, and Delana Moyer. This year’s award goes to a 7th grade student who exemplified great talent in the classroom and with the artwork submitted this year. This year’s winner of the Catherine Klipfer Art Award goes to Ella Combs!

Congratulations to all artists and a special congratulations to Ella Combs! Thank everyone for being part of this Contest by choosing a favorite work and supporting the Art program at Valley View Junior High.

James E. Heaton Memorial Scholarship Nomination (top 8th grade student)

VV from 1963 to 1978. He served roles as both JH Math teacher and Assistant Principal.

This scholarship is given to a student that demonstrates scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and participation in school activities.

Congratulations, Riley Hodson!

Rosemary Benton Award

Rosemary Benton was a Health and PE teacher at Valley View for 30 years. She was the founder of Project Charlie. She passed away in 2004. Her love for PE and helping others was outstanding.

This year’s recipient also has a love for Physical education class and activity but more importantly, they possess the willingness to help others which is the highest form of leadership one can possess. I have a quote that hangs in the gym that reads. “If you are helping make someone else’s day better then you are using your time wisely.” This young person certainly uses their time wisely. I’m proud to announce this year’s award winner.

Congratulations, Troy Hypes!