Handicap accessible ramps are in the process of being built at both the Primary and Intermediate buildings.  Please read on for information provided by Principals in each of the buildings.  While this disruption may be a minor inconvenience for a short time, we are ensuring the accessibility of all our students, and therefore appreciate your understanding.


Beginning Monday September 17th, the back entrance to the Primary building, door C6, will be closed for an estimated 4 to 5 week period due to the construction of a handicap accessibility ramp.  
In the morning, students who arrive on the bus will enter the building through the front, as they always have.  The students who are dropped off in the car line will enter through the same doors as usual and go to the multi-purpose room.  When the bell rings, those students will walk across the playground, and enter through door C4.

At this time, the front entrance will not be affected.  Therefore, anyone picking up a child or dropping them off, can still do so at the front entrance.    


Beginning on Monday September 24th, the main entrance of the Intermediate bulding, door D14, will be closed for an estimated 2 to 3 week period due to construction.  Entrance for visitors will need to be made through the gym doors, doors D13. 

Student entrance and exit of the bulding will remain the same.