Boys Tennis update from Coach Heistand

4/19, Varsity White defeated Oakwoos B 5-0, moving to a record of 7-3 See attachment for details.

4/22, JV defeated Oakwood 3-2, moving to a record of 5-4 See attachment for details.


Congrats Ben Lewan for breaking the “Career 1st Doubles Individual Record” (30 set in 2014 by Karson Fullmer/AJ Lemke) with yesterday’s win against Centerville at the Coach’s Cup. 


4/21, Varsity White placed 4th in the Coach’s Cup.  See attachment for details.  

4/23, Varsity Blue defeated Legacy Christian 5-0, moving to a record of 11-3 See attachment for details


4/23, Varsity Blue defeated Brookville 5-0, moving to a record of 12-3 See attachment for details.



Valley View Varsity White defeated Middletown Madison 5-0

JV defeated Northridge 5-0

Varsity Blue fell to Hilton Head 2-3


Wednesday, Varsity Blue fell to Bellbrook 1-4, moving to a record of 5-3 See attachment for details.    

Thursday, Varsity White defeated Bellbrook B 4-1, moving to a record of 5-1 See attachment for details. 

Wednesday, Varsity Blue defeated Chaminade Julianne 5-0, moving to a record of 5-2  

Wednesday, Varsity White defeated Greeneview 5-0, moving to a record of 4-1  


Wednesday, JV defeated Chaminade Julianne 4-1, moving to a record of 3-2   


Congrats Michael Fischer/Carter Nolte for breaking the “Career 2nd Doubles Team Record” (27 set in 2014 by Caspar Nolte/Justin Warner) with today’s win against CJ. 


The Middles School Tennis team was upset by Wilmington last night.  It was a 0-5 loss.  HOWEVER, the wind was horrible!  Despite this obstacle, everyone played hard and won games and points against their opponents.  
Special mention to Carson Powell who battled to the bitter end, but suffered a 7-9 loss.  The match was lengthy and very evenly matched.  The wind played a huge factor.  Great Job, Carson for not giving up and playing hard.
Also a shout out to Nicholas Handy.  He suffered a 4-6 loss, but played well and rallied.  He was equally matched and worked hard to stay in the match. 
Great effort to everyone!!
Wednesday April 18th, Varsity Blue defeated Trotwood Madison 5-0, moving to a record of 8-3 See attachment for details.   
Wednesday April 18th, Varsity White defeated Fairborn 5-0, moving to a record of 6-3 See attachment for details.  
Wednesday April 18th, JV fell to Waynesville 2-3, moving to a record of 4-4 See attachment for details.