Our Mission: To Achieve Excellence for Our Schools, Our Students, Our Future

A Letter from Our Superintendent

To the Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members of Valley View Local Schools:

I am pleased to be the new Superintendent of Valley View Local Schools.  This district has a history of high student achievement in both academics and extracurricular activities over the years earning high regards in the region.  Such demonstrated success is the result of focused dedication and hard work of the staff, students, parents and the support of the community.

Over the course of my career thus far, I have been deliberate in my search for educational best practices to maximize student achievement.  I began my preparation for educational leadership as a student at Eastern Kentucky University and achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in History in 1982. I also obtained a Master’s Degree from the United States Sports Academy in Sports Management in 1990. I added to my graduate work at the University of Dayton with a degree in Educational Leadership which later led to me obtaining my superintendent certification.

Whether in the classroom, on an athletic field, in the main office of a school building or from a central office, I have been an educational leader for 32 years.  My educational journey began at Powhatan School, a private day school in Virginia where I taught history in grades 6-8 and coached soccer, basketball, and baseball as well as serving as a bus driver.  Afterward, I transitioned to Hillsboro City Schools and would remain there for the next 30 years of my career.  There, I began as a teacher of history and political science for grades 7-12. During those years in the classroom I also coached football, basketball, track, baseball, and soccer.   Sparked by my knowledge of the benefits of a sound and formative athletic program for students, I then served as the Athletic Director for 8 years.  In collaboration with many others, I led the process of improving the football/soccer complex with new bleachers, fencing, and a concession stand.  My experiences in athletic leadership were very rewarding and I transitioned into an even more impactful position focused on academic achievement for students.  I accepted the roles of high school assistant principal for 3 years, the middle school principal for 1 year and the high school principal for 3 years.  During that period of time, we added honors courses in all core subject areas, expanded our AP program, initiated and solidified dual enrollment agreements with Southern State Community College and expanded our vocational program offerings within the high school.  Our average ACT scores when from a 21 to 23 over this time. I finished my career in Hillsboro from the role of the superintendent. In my 3 ½ years in this position, Hillsboro City Schools received its first Excellent Rating from the Ohio Department of Education.  All the while, I worked in close collaboration with the Treasurer to improve and maintain responsible and efficient fiscal practices.

Ultimately, my experiences in education have affirmed my belief that we have an obligation to ensure we are meeting the educational needs of all students in an effort to maximize their personal successes and potential contributions to the community and greater world. This includes thinking outside of the box to expand on the traditional means of educating children.  Each student is unique and the educational practices utilized to improve their academic successes should mirror that reality.  My leadership hinges on this deliberate focus of uniting all staff members in the pursuit and achievement of this important goal.

I am honored to lead Valley View Local Schools and look forward to working with all stakeholders to achieve the high expectations we all share for our students and their continued successes in the coming years.

Richard Earley