The Ohio Department of Health requires incoming 7th graders and 12th graders to have specific immunizations in order to begin the upcoming school year.

For incoming 7th graders, The Ohio Department of Health requires students to receive the Tdap and MCV4 or Meningococcal vaccine prior to 7th grade.  For incoming 12th graders, only the MCV4 or Meningococcal vaccine is needed.  Please contact your Physician to schedule your students appointment for this immunization.  

You may provide an updated immunization record, a note from your physician or a billing receipt that indicates the child has had the vaccine.  Please make sure your student’s name and DOB are on these documents and submit them to the district office/attention School Nurse at the Junior High or High School.  You may also fax the document to the Junior High at 937-696-1007 or High School at 937-855-4739.  As required by State Law, Section 3313.671 and Ohio Revised Coded 3701.13 a student MAY NOT attend school unless he/she is up to date with immunizations.

Students who do not meet this requirement prior to August 15th, the 1st day of school, WILL BE excluded from school according to the state law.

If you have questions or concerns with the vaccine, please consult your Physician.