The 4th grade students are participating in a nationwide postcard exchange. In August, students sent out 50 postcards about Ohio to other 4th grade classrooms around the United States. As of January, they have received almost 100 postcards from the US and around the world! These postcards have arrived from 28 US states and 7 countries!  Majority of these postcards came from student connections right here at Valley View! The students would love for you and your family to join the postcard exchange to help us meet our goal of receiving a postcard from all 50 states! So, if you find yourself in a different country, on an amazing adventure or simply in a quaint town in Ohio, please consider sending the 4th graders a postcard. They would love to learn about geography, climate, people, food, or simply hear about your adventures. If you are interested please send postcards to the following address:
Valley View Intermediate School
Mrs. Miller’s Class