The athletic department would like to recognize the following student-athletes for being “3 Sport Athletes” for the 2017-18 school year.  The student-athletes have dedicated a great amount of their time participating in their individual sports during the school year.  Without their commitment and dedication to their activities Valley View wouldn’t be able to field successful teams.  These 3 sport student-athletes are:
Kylie Atchison (Freshman) – Football Cheer, Basketball Cheer, Softball
Luke Alwine (Junior) – Cross Country, Swim, Track
Troy Coulter (Freshman) – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Abigail Dickson (Freshman) – Soccer, Basketball, Track
Lyndsey Erbaugh (Sophomore) – Football Cheer, Basketball Cheer, Softball
Perry Gardiner (Senior) – Football, Wrestling, Track
Camryn Harrell (Sophomore) – Tennis, Football Cheer, Basketball Cheer
Ryan Hawkey (Junior) – Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Shaw Hawkey (Freshman) – Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Max Kozarec (Sophomore) – Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball
Austin Napier (Senior) – Football, Wrestling, Baseball
Carter Nolte (Senior) – Football, Soccer, Tennis
Trevor Paringer (Senior) – Cross Country, Swim, Track
Tristen Raisch (Sophomore) – Soccer, Swim, Softball
Cameron Scholler (Freshman) – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Gage Stilwell (Freshman) – Cross Country, Basketball, Track
Aaron Valenti – (Junior) – Football, Basketball and Track
Aiden Valenti (Sophomore) – Soccer, Basketball, Track
Clara Walton (Sophomore) – Cross Country, Basketball, Track
Sam Whisman (Senior) – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Additionally, there were another 109 student-athletes that participated on 2 individual athletic teams throughout the school year.  
The Valley View Athletic Department thanks all of these student-athletes for their commitment and dedication to their teams over this 2018-19 school year.